About Us

…..Home of Historic Timepieces’…..


The Watch Boutique is a newly formed retail outlet for select watch brands that have a long standing tradition of watchmaking. We are authorised distributors and service agents for a bouquet of brands that have their roots intertwined into classical watchmaking with a concentration on legacy designs.

Our brands and their designs are unique and recognized globally. This is our brands first foray into the Middle East market with a strong intention of bringing to Bahrain a wealth of knowledge and understanding in passionate watch collection and the fine art of horology.

The Watch Boutique is a unique concept that brings under one roof historic and time tested designs and functional wrist instruments.

Yes, we are new, but we come from the thought that something unique always has to be new…..yet we carry history on our shoulders…..



Our Philosophy


To offer history and tradition wrapped in strong cultural designs as timepieces that adorn the wrist of our discerning customers.