The pleasure of writing and creation

Marlen has been founded in 1982 by Mario Esposito, the administrator of the company and Antonio Esposito, the director of graphic planning. 

Their exclusive pens represent their consolidated working experience in this field. With great success they have developed their own unique ideas that together their professional manufacturing, have concurred into the realisation of these fantastic pens. More than twenty years of innovative designs have reflected all the cultural, historical, technological and artistic movements of the yesteryear and today. 

The success of Marlen is due to the determination of its artisan craftsmen that translates into quality and the dedication to celebration that often brings to the patron new designs with a reason and logic embedded in them. 

From Harrod’s of London to the prominent luxury retailers of Rome, New York, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia and China all are endorsing the quality and design of Marlen Pens by exclusively selling these miracles of hand-craftsmanship to their discerning and tasteful patrons. 

The writing jewels crafted and created in a small village near Caserta in traditional manners are in this way a principal highlight of Italian creativity. 

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