Pure Agarwood oil

Aged to 23 + years now

Unflavoured and extracted from naturally grown organic agar wood forests from the dense lower areas of Thailand where the soil is rich and helps makes the agar wood trees resinous with brown colored medium thickness oil with heavy boutique of cedar and orchids with a lasting note of honey. 

Our most prestigious Oudh Oil loved by every single one who tries it and in rare quantities with us, so we dont know till when it will last. 

Its is easy for us say from experience, this is our most irresistible Agarwood Oil. 

Please note: 

1 Tola is 11.6 grams, we consider it to be 12 grams and thats what we give you. 

1/2 Tola is 6 grams

We sell Oudh Oil in both these quantities. 

Application : for best results with Oudh oil or other pure natural perfume oils, always apply on the six pulse points, which are; the back of the two wrists, the inner portions of the two elbows and behind both the ears. These areas retain perfume well and give out a nice and lasting slow release of the perfume oil throughout the day. 

Another thing to note: never apply perfume oil and rub it too hard or for too long. The molecules break by doing so and therefore destroy the fragrance to a large extent. Gently rub for a short while till the oil is well spread or absorbed and thats it, enjoy the fragrance and be prepared to receive compliments. 

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Oudh Oil - Oud 53 Tola (12 grams)

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